Friday, August 28, 2009

"I regret that most of my friends don't know Russian because the second part of the drawings, songs, and images reflect June 22, 1941, the day when the World War 2 started in Russia. The whole thing is so moving. I hope all my English speaking friends will get the meaning."
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The third time I watched this, my eyes moistened. This is beautiful art.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As the reader can observe, several days have passed since the last time I posted my thoughts on this blog. We have returned from our summer of travel and enjoyment in the West to the land of green and sticky humid South! Considering the beauty of western mountains, this part of Georgia is also the land of limited area where I feel my spirit being contained and restrained more than I can imagine.

Linda returned from Texas early this morning after spending several days assisting Dan and Bethanne after the birth of their third child, Griffey. Just after 7 AM this morning, she hurriedly left the house to go to her seventh grade classes at Blackmon Road Middle School.

Here I am sitting in the house, trying to collect my thoughts and motivate myself to accomplish the many tasks that I feel are undone.

One of the things that I do want to do with this blog is share, upon occasion, big ideas and big thoughts (perhaps even small ones), impressions that I found worthy to record in some sort of note-taking format.

Below are a few thoughts from this past weekend's Stake Conference of the Church. They are not exact quotes but approximations of what I wrote down during many of the outstanding presentations and talks given by a variety of church members.

Sister Brown, the wife of a member of our Stake Presidency, spoke about eternal marriage and the significance of the Temple, the house of the Lord. She reminded us that we could come to more clearly know the Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple. And, she reminded us that our leaders have taught us that eternal marriage will not be denied anyone who desires it.

Pres. Brown shared this idea: most of us understand that when things are sealed they are joined together. He taught that there is another subtle connotation when considering the word seal. That is, to coat or protect the surface of something, like the sealing of court records or the sealing of a marble countertop so that liquids cannot penetrate the porous marble and discolor it. Temple marriages are also protected by the very sacred Priesthood powers in like manner. He also explained that as our children are sealed to us, or born in the Covenant, the promises and the blessings sealed upon our heads (and those before us) are automatically transferred upon the heads of the children. Hence, it is so very important that we extend the blessings given to our fathers to our children.

A Sister Williams taught that many of us are ignorant of the power of the adversary and we must be taught how to withstand evil. In Ephesians Chapter 6 in account is made of wrestling with the spirit and or evil. Life often is a wrestle whether we realize it or not. How many times are we wrestling with evil and we do not even know it? It certainly seems to me that we should be aware that these easy and calm times are the times when our back is almost pinned to the mat.

She reminded us that should we fail to use what we learn in life, we will forget it. She encouraged us to sit down and reflect on choices that we have made and review the consequences; we need to teach consequences. Why do we want to make the same mistakes repeatedly? She ended by stating that a nurtured testimony and experienced faith in Jesus Christ leads us to heaven.

Pres. Satterfield, our new mission president, reminded us that all of Heavenly Father's children will have an opportunity to learn of the fullness of the Gospel before Judgment Day. He asked us if each of us were willing to be a part of that process.

Dave Elton of our Stake High Council, a professor at Auburn University, told us of his decision when he was married to never settle for grade of 99. He said 99 was not enough. He felt his struggle was to do things the Lord's way and not to try to do it Dave's way . He reminded us that a good father has time to help his children with important things as well as the little things of life. Our Father in Heaven is no different

Sister Gay, the wife of the visiting general authority remarked to us that those who are serving on the continent of Africa frequently share the thought that the only hope for that entire, beautiful continent is the restored gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.

She remarked how difficult it was for individuals to travel to the Temple. It frequently was not a casual decision but had to be carefully planned for and executed. These good people of the African continent expect dreams and revelation from heaven; we should also! She reminded us that as we work and serve the Lord we will find rest in the shade of the trees and urged us to avoid distractions by focusing on the needs of others.

Pres. Gay, the visiting general authority shared many stories with us that were very edifying. He reminded us that standing true for what's right often results in conflict and heartache. There is always hope; we are never lost unless we choose to give up. He told a story that occurred in Africa where young boy was terrified because he feared that he would lose his life because he lost the equivalent of six American dollars in the marketplace as he tried to sell his daily quota of fish for his adoptive parents. Elder Gay and others were able to help this young man; to give him hope and reminded us that the Lord is a Deliverer bringing hope and life.

He reminded us that Joseph Smith's first vision contains within it a story of deliverance. Deliverance from oblivion and darkness as he simply started to pray to know the truth of which Church to join. We must remember that the Lord answers us. He delivers us because He knows our needs and will help us.

At another time I will share remarks were made in other sessions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009