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Consider these pics, one a map of the bottom of the Saudi Arabian coast which I copied via WINDOWS ONENOTE from GOOGLE EARTH, and the other, a picture found posted to GOOGLE EARTH near the pushpin labeled "waterfall" that is mentioned below.

Hugh Nibley suggests that the last major leg the route taken by Lehi, et al, while in the desert was likely due east along the 19th parallel to the coastal area that may well have been the location of "THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY." I was curious about what could be seen using GOOGLE EARTH and looked at the coastline around the coast on the 19th parallel. (See the yellow pushpin on the map entitled, "Lehi's encampment?")

From there, I headed back south and westward along the coast looking for any other areas that suggested such a favorable land...trees, fresh waters, etc.

Note the yellow pushpins with labels like "sinkhole," and "like Lehi's stopping place?" and finally, "waterfall."

The jpeg of the forest area is found on GOOGLE EARTH near the "waterfall" pin.

I'm not saying that "my" finding is the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY or that it is anything close...I'm ONLY providing the links to stimulate your imagination about one tiny aspect of the Book of Mormon!

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