Thursday, July 21, 2011

reflections on a Thursday afternoon

Here I sit Mallory's kitchen in Fort Wayne Indiana. She and her mom have taken the pooch to the veterinarian for his shots. I needed to do some things on the computer regarding my duties in the church, and so that I can sign for some new stereo speakers for Brad if the UPS delivery man should come while they are gone.

Linda and I have been gone for so long from Columbus this summer that I almost have difficulty remembering how the house looks or what the date is, and how many more days before this next round of teaching begins.

I'd like to be able to summarize a few things that I learned this summer, but right now I feel almost numb.( that's, numb not dumb!)

there is one thing that does surround my thoughts and feelings: I do not know how any human being could remain sane if they honestly believed that they could not have the love of those in their family after this life. As I have gotten older, every single day I long for contact and interaction with all of the children, spouses and grandchildren that I love. In these last days we are very blessed with the technologies that enable us to have the kinds of contact that we have: e-mailing, texting, voice and even video chat. But, sadly they all fall short of actual, face-to-face interaction. In a way, I almost feel as if I am mourning for the loss of contact with the Mexico, and Texas families; and in a few short days, our young Indiana family will also be mourned.

As I remarked to Adam last night, I do not know how young parents or even newlyweds can accomplish all that is needed temporally, much less spiritually with our children and families. this much I do know: they don't do it without the help of the Lord.