Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jeff Henry- my 1st cousin

Just found my Mom's Brother Harry's son, Jeff, (my cousin) after some long searching. Uncle Harry spoke at Mom's funeral in 1999. He died November 30, 2005.

Jeff & Kerry Henry

Go to jk_1.jpg to see my first cousin... at his retirement celebration. He was a Lt. Col. in the USAF and flew, I think, an A-3.

Then check out the touching pictures. I am very moved by jk_127 to jk_132.jpg and jk_201.jpg

Pappy & Grandma Lenhard adored this man. I lost contact with him...actually we have NEVER met. And I hardly remember his 2 sisters, MaryLu and Susan. They are in the pictures (I think).

My Aunt Janet is also in the pictures...the sweet white-haired lady.

I will be contacting him asap!


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