Tuesday, December 20, 2011


    • Am I Your cousin?
      My Mother was (Peggy) Gloria Margret Henry Lenhard. her brother was harry henry and had sisters named Florence and Patricia.

      Do you have a brother Jeff and a sister Susan?

      Craig S. lenhard
  • Mary Lou Lucas
    October 27, 2008
    Mary Lou Lucas
    • I AM your cousin
      Hi Craig....sent you a long reply via regular email and it came back to me-I am so surprised and excited to hear from you!! Send me your regular email if you would like and I will resend my message. Would love to hear from you.
      Sincerely, "Cousin" Mary Lou mlucas1010@comcast.net
  • Mary Lou Lucas
    October 27, 2008
    Mary Lou Lucas
    • Yes to all your questions- I'm so surprised and excited to hear from you!! Believe it or not, we met and spent family time together when my parents (Harry and Janet) were still in Michigan. I remember family gatherings at someone's house (don't remember whose) with your family and Christine and Nan Schuster, and I even remember seeing and knowing Aunt Pat before she left for the west coast. I don't know if any of that sounds familiar to you- I was probably just 5 yrs. old or so and I'm 58 now. Wow...alot of years have passed!

      After Dad died (2005) I spent the better part of 2006 staying with my mother in North Carolina, and eventually she went to live with Jeff and his wife in Alexandria Virginia. I spend alot of time with them on weekends and holidays, and in fact recently we were reminiscing (through photos, which Mom loves to do periodically) and we came across some pictures and letters that you and your Dad sent within the last 5-7 years maybe?

      As I grow older I especially regret the distance that kept the extended family from getting to know one another. Please let me know where you are and how your life has gone. I know you're married and have children (grown by now I guess) but I know little more. And please tell me about your Dad.


      Your cousin Mary Lou

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