Monday, January 30, 2012


 I worked here the summer of 1967 when it was the hotel MOHAWK INN  as a bellhop and made very good money!  Beautiful rustic hotel and area on 4th Lake. Even assisted the heiress of the Clairol Corporation!! I bet the hotel was worth hundreds of thousands or a million plus at the time. Notice below what it sold for in 1979!

Because I probably  told them I was Catholic [my folks had always told me to tell anyone who asked that I was!] (HA)...I was asked to be an alter boy for a Mass for a large Catholic retreat! I think the Fr. Thomas Coughlin mentioned below may have been the Priest that scolded me for touching the altar after he had consecrated it. I told this Priest I had never been an altar boy but I had to help him anyway!

I'll bet I had been to Mass grand total of 4 times growing up in Huntsville, Alabama - always with dad's mother, Grandma Mary Lenhard.  Once, I can remember asking her about certain things in the Mass and I was told by her  " be quiet, I asked too many questions!" Another time I went with a buddy named George "Duke" Havrilla ...we got the "uncontrollable giggles" because the Catholic Priest's sing-song voice kept cracking!!!!  (That time his Mom took us...)

Oh well, I just never gave Catholicism a chance.

 From their current (the CM7) website (formerly THE MOHAWK):

"The Mark Seven Deaf Foundation brouchure on the camp itself   (M7DF) was established in 1979 by Fr. Thomas Coughlin and a group of friends who were also lay people. Their intent was to establish a leadership and recreational camp in the Adirondack Mountains of New York for deaf children. Over several years, many deaf Catholics and friends in the community made contributions to a fund for the eventual purchase of a Camp property." (from their website)

Father Thomas Coughlin – Texas

"In 1981, a 7.20-acre lakefront property, formerly the exclusive Mohawk Hotel at the turn of the century, was purchased for $75,000 at a bankruptcy sale.  It is located on the pristine Fourth Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, seven miles north of Old Forge.

Here is a screen capture of the entrance to the Inn and Google Earth screen capture:


Afairbanks said...

Three questions after reading this:

Dates you attended what College?

Were you smack dab in the middle of your "hippie" days during this time of hitch-hiking?

Didn't you meet Mom roughly 2 years after this?

The Happy Trapper said...

Fall '65 through Dec. 1969

Not "hippying" until late 1968-69

Met your Mom summer of 1971 at VT!

The Happy Trapper said...

Hitch-hiked summer of 1969, then graduated that Fall!

The Happy Trapper said...

Correction!!!!! Met your Mom summer of 1970!!!!