Friday, January 27, 2012


Here's a thought I hope I remember more than 2-3 days:  

The more I share my thoughts, the less anyone cares.

After some sage advice, please let me clarify this post... I am OK.  

Being somewhat manic- depressive, I am recognizing that when I am above the baseline (manic), I can easily become that annoying person who never stops "sharing" their opinions, advice, counsel, Internet links, pictures, ideas, "cool thoughts," you name it. Hence, the more I share, the more folks weary of me. 

Deep down I want to sit back and be the old bald-headed man who is kind and wise and so very helpful. That's so hard to do when people are tired of listening!!!!


Josiah said...

come back to facebook!

John LaPierre said...

You aren't old enough yet, but you're giving baldness a good run. --- Seriously though, don't sweat it Craig! Be who you are. You've spent quite a few years becoming who you are. I've met plenty of people who spoke highly of you never even one who spoke ill.

You've shared plenty with me but I've never been forced to agree or approve. I admire your boldness to let your feelings be known, letting the chips fall where they may.

You aren't nearly old enough to fade away. Your friends would miss you.