Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Grandmother lived in Lorain Ohio at age 4!


Bethanne said...

Is there something about Lorrain that makes you super excited? Or just got the bug of doing the work?

The Happy Trapper said...

Well, I feel certain that Grandma NEVER said anything about living there as a youngster. Never heard of Lorain, OH. It makes her whole life come into a bit more focus... her parents and her Aunt & husband are now more real to me. My heart is a bit more "turned" toward my fathers. Without their sacrifices, I doubt if I'd be a member and you'd have your great Mom, husband or your children.

More FAM HISTORY DATA are showing up now than before. Used to have to have good info BEFORE you could send formal requests for Census data or birth & death records....and it cost
money each time.

I noticed yesterday that ANCESTRY is now providing RL POLK CITY DIRECTORIES online for members but haven't figured out if they are online for all of the USA...WOW!!!!

The Happy Trapper said...

Also, it makes me feel so tender about that 4 year old in OH whose Mom would only live about five more years and her dad who had to find that 8 or 9 year old child someplace else to go to be raised.